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Sarbani Ganguly Sarbani Ganguly
Subject : School Level Training
Experience : I am teaching for 6years and classes from k.g to class2 and new admission kids also. I love kids that's why I love to teach with them by playing.learning by playing
Location :
Date of submition : May 01, 2023
Subject : Advanced Web Programing
Experience : I have been training for the past three years. I am a professional technical developer. And have extensive experience in WordPress development for web designing.
Location : Ayapakkam
Date of submition : Mar 17, 2023
kajal rai kajal rai
Subject : MCA Subject
Experience : 3+ years perfect in teaching computer science subjects especially coding
Location : Pi - Sector Gr Noida
Date of submition : Jun 18, 2022
Subject : Web Programing Technology
Experience : 10+years of experience in Computer science and Engineering
Location : Adambakkam
Date of submition : Jan 10, 2022
Geethanjali K Geethanjali K
Subject : Programing Language
Experience : I have 2 years experience in school teaching and 5 years experience in tutoring all subjects upto 10 STD. My way of teaching is to share my knowledge about the subject. The concepts will be explained with the real time examples.
Location :
Date of submition : Jul 22, 2021
sainath reddy sainath reddy
Subject : Advanced Web Programing
Experience : 5 years
Location :
Date of submition : Jun 19, 2021
simran jot kaur simran jot kaur
Subject : MCA Subject
Experience : Home tutor from last 4 years
Location :
Date of submition : May 14, 2021
kavitha sivasubramaniam kavitha sivasubramaniam
Subject : Advanced Web Programing
Experience : 3 Yeras of experience in teaching
Location :
Date of submition : May 02, 2021
Deepika Pandey Deepika Pandey
Subject : School Level Computer
Experience : I teach coding to kids from grade 1- 6 , to create animation, games and their own app developement. I am a certified software engineer in a reputed MNC.
Location : Krishna Nagar
Date of submition : Feb 08, 2021
partha h partha h
Subject : Programing Language
Experience : 4 years of tutoring experience in the field of java, c,c++ coding. 7 years of working experience in the information technology domain
Location :
Date of submition : Feb 06, 2021
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